Chris ‘TEK’ O’Ryan working on American Idol Season 10

Hey folks, look for Chris ‘TEK’ O’Ryan on this season of American Idol!! He will be working with Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart and the RedZone family on producing the songs for the contestants iTunes releases. Look out for him in the studio footage!!!


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Chris ‘TEK’ O’Ryan nominated for another Grammy Award!

For the 3rd time in 3 years, Chris ‘TEK’ O’Ryan has been nominated for a prestigious Grammy Award. He is nominated for his engineering work on Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ in the category of Album of the Year. If he wins, it will be his 2nd Grammy Award. Tune in to CBS on Sunday the 13th of February 2011 to watch the night unfold!

For more info visit


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Apple chooses Slow Jukin for worldwide in-store promotion!


The Apple gods have smiled upon NewFaze and have chosen ‘Slow Jukin’ by Young Steff, Produced and written by NewFaze Entertainment (Chris ‘TEK’ O’Ryan and Durrell ‘Bishop’ Scott) for their worldwide in-store promotion on their iPods, iMacs, iPhones, igizmos, you name it!!

The song is alongside some of the greatest songs and artists of all time including Elvis and The Beatles!

So where ever you are in the world, go into an Apple store and iBlast it out!!!!!


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Massive random update for April 2010

Yoooo…. Just a random update to let y’all know what’s been goin on since it’s been months and months since I’ve updated…. I’ve been grindin tho and have had my mind on my music rather than my web stuff!!! Since the last update I have worked on the following:

  • Rihanna – Rated R – Great album released a few months ago, worked on a few songs.
  • Dirty Money album – releasing in June I believe. Something fresh and different.
  • J-Lo – Great pop songs, great vocal production by my man Kuk Harrell of RedZone.
  • DJ Khaled’s artist Jarvis – Produced a joint called ‘Leavin U Alone’ written by Bishop (100% NewFaze baby!!!)
  • Justin Bieber – Just released a few days ago, you can not deny Beiber fever!!! A young superstar for sure.
  • Jamie Foxx – Another smash!!
  • Carmit from the Pussycat Dolls – When you hear her tone, you’ll wonder why she wasn’t the lead singer.
  • B. Howard – Incredible record, every song is a single.
  • Katy Perry – I’ll bet my iLok that one or all of the songs I worked on are the biggest records of 2010….
  • Last but not least!! DURRELL BISHOP! Yes, the time has come to embark on Durrell’s project as a solo artist. Mixing the 1st EP right now, more details to come.

Finally, congrats to Tricky, Dream, Kuk and B-Luv for winning a CASE of Grammy’s for ‘Single Ladies’!!!


Feel free to comment!!!!


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Diddy and Ashton’s White Party 2009

So Diddy and Ashton’s white party yesterday was AWESOME! We parked and checked in in Beverly Hills then got bussed to the secret location which was a mansion in a gated community in the hills. The houses in this estate were seriously like castles. INsane. Upon arriving we were greeted with a ‘Diddy’ – Ciroc vodka and lemonade and treated to some hors d’oeuvres like crab cakes and curry chicken. After sipping on a few Johnnie Blue’s and ice on a couch in the sun, we hit the revolving dance floor where Diddy dedicated the next 2 hrs of music to MJ!

I saw Diddy early on in the party and had a chat with him, he said he was looking for more tracks from NEWFAZE! Rad. Also bumped in Mariah and Nick Cannon and said hello to them – nice to see some familiar faces! Other ppl I knew included the incredible musician Brandon Howard, phenomenal mix engineer Jaycen Joshua of the Penua Project and my awesome RedZone girls ‘Electrik Red’.

There were tons of celebs there – Ashton Kutcher (obviously), Demi Moore, Tila Tequila (sweet gal!), Nicole Scherzinger, Chris Brown, JC Chasez, Rev Run, Cassie, Ken Davitian (big guy from Borat), Luenelle (Borat’s date in the movie)  Jonah Hill, Lindsay Lohan, Tyrese, Tom Green, Russell Brand, and many more.

The cause of the day was the charity Malaria No More, which strives to save millions of children’s lives by providing simple nets to protect them from malaria carrying mosquitoes. It is a great cause and is something so obvious that everyone should contribute. Even a small donation for this cause makes a huge difference.. SO go to their site and HELP OUT :)

Shout out to Puff for having us and being such a great host!! This man knows how to put together one of the best parties in the world and yesterday was no exception!!!


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Invitation to Diddy and Ashton Kutcher’s white party

So today I received an email from Puff’s assistant asking for my address to mail the invitation to his anuual white party on July 4th. It’s in Beverly Hills at a secret location so should be pretty rad! I will have to tweet (sounds weird) twitter-it-up (yeah that’s it), while I’m there. Might even post to the blog with some photos via the iphone (iphone is the coolest invention I’ve ever had). I need to buy some clothes, was thinking of getting some VZ Fernstein white aviators



Whatchu think? Rad factor 0-10?


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Working with Mariah Carey in Miami

So I just got back from Miami working with Mariah and Tricky Stewart. Such a nice place! I stayed at the Gansevoort South which was right on the beach of course! The label hooked me up with a sweet suite too, I just wish I had more time there to enjoy it! On the first morning I got up early for a swim at the beach then lazed by the pool with a mojito. The hotel lobby also had this massive aquarium with sharks in it! Crazy!

Of course I didn’t get to lounge much as we soon went to the Studio at the Setai to work until the small hours of the morning. I fell in love while I was there too, with those Focal  SM11 monitors they had…. so sweet.. $15k for a pair tho… hmmm..



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Working with Puff in LA

Hey yalls. Been workin with Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs or Diddy as I still think of him, as in LA at the usual studios. His new album is VERY different so be prepared!! Some great stuff though, and as always, he’s pushing the creative boundaries. He was also filming making the band 5 which I was unprepared for. I called him into the room to check out some changes I’d made and BAM there were the cameras on me.. I had no idea they were even there that day.. So I wasn’t looking that much ‘artisty’ if you get my drift.. Just a white T-shirt and jeans which is my I’m-being-a-nerdy-engineer-today kinda outfit. But it’s all good, nothin wrong with lookin like a nerd right? right?? ….



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Working with Mariah in NY

Just got back from New York where I worked more on MC’s new album. Songs are comin out crazy!! We set up a studio in her lavish apartment and recorded there.

MC is super cool and super sweet, just an all-round nice, happy person. Same with Nick, good peoples!! They were very kind to invite us into their home and were great hosts.

Got to see a bit of NY too, walked to the park and saw a few sights.. Not too much time off tho as I worked on Christina Milian’s album at Germano Studios during the day, then with MC at night.

Ny nightGermano1


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Working with Mariah Carey in LA

So I’ve been working with Tricky and The-Dream again, this time on Mariah Carey’s new album due out this year! We have been working in LA and the 1st day we were recording, Randy Jackson also stopped by to say hello. The songs are coming out incredible as expected. We have been recording at one studio in particular (secret!) and Henson Studios. At Henson, we were actually in the same room where they recorded ‘We are the world’. There is a pic on the wall of them recording it too. The studio is super rad because it has button operated hydraulic doors like in Star Wars (or Star Trek.. but I don’t know much about the Trekky world…)



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Recording The-Dream ‘Love Vs. Money’

Recording this album was awesome. Back with the RedZone family for The -Dreams 2nd album felt good as the vibe as always with those cats is diligent yet relaxed. We recorded The-Dreams 1st album in Vegas at The Studio at the Palms casino which was awesome – catching the elevator up to your suite from the studio was the quickest time I’ve ever gone home from the studio. However for the 2nd album, you know they had to top it… So we set up studio in a rented mansion in Malibu over-looking the ocean. We also had a golf cart to burn around in which was awesome. Scared the hell outta a few ppl caning down the steep driveway at night too.. 


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Ashton Kutcher almost falls in the pool at the White Party


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R.I.P Michael Jackson


Can we PLEASE leave the King Of Pop alone!!  I think we should show some respect for the Jackson family, as they go through this painful and rough period.  We made fun and talked about him enough when he was alive…Let him rest in peace now yall!!!!!


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Ace Hood f/ Jazmine Sullivan & Rick Ross -”Champion”

Shouts out to my man Ivan Barias AKA Dox of Karma production.  He Co-produced this single along with The Runners.  Ace Hood is headed off to a good start with this single.  His new album ” RUTHLESS”  is in stores now, go out and support.  Definitely a positive song for the hood in times such as these.



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